LWL Kabel ULTIMODE FC.E-16SM 16x G.657A2 Singlemode

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ULTIMODE FC.E-16SM is a universal fiber optic cable in LSOH jacket, so it can be used outdoors and indoors. Strengthened with aramid fibers, the cable can withstand the load of 800 N at a span of 150 m. Thanks to this feature, the cable is ideal for suspended lines, e.g. for connecting security cameras and access points placed on poles. The cable is composed of two single-mode G.657A2 fibers (diameter of 250 µm, minimum bending radius of 7.5 mm).
The safe length of the span between poles: 60 - 80 meters.
A lightweight design and small diameter (3.5 mm) make the cable ideal for FTTx applications such as office and home networks.
The single-mode fiber used in the cable is ITU-T G.657.A in 250 µm buffers. The G.657.A fiber is currently one of the most advanced and popular single-mode fibers, being in fact an improved version of the G.652.D fiber. The fiber can be formed into tight coils due to reduced attenuation in such conditions, whereas other parameters are even a little better (attenuation less than 0.35 dB/km at 1310 nm and less than 0.20 dB/km at 1550 nm). The special feature of this fiber type is reduced attenuation of bends/coils.

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